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Battlefield 3 – Zweiter Patch in Arbeit
verfasst am 01.11.2011 um 10:13 von viper3589

Der neue Shooter aus dem Hause DICE ist nicht mal eine Woche auf dem Markt, schon arbeitet das Entwicklerteam am zweiten Patch für Battlefield 3.

Laut Fredrik Thylander, Senior Designer bei DICE, arbeitet man derzeit unter anderem am Balancing des Spiels. So soll man in Zukunft mit einer Stinger nicht mehr Militärhubschrauber mit nur einen Schuss zerstören können. Auch an Pistolen und die UMP arbeite man, sodass diese demnächst mehr Schaden anrichten können. Zusätzlich sollen auch die PP-2000 und PDW überarbeitet werden.

Ein weiteres Thema ist der Zielmechanismus, welcher nach Meinung von vielen Spielern wieder so wie in der Beta sein sollte. Der Gameplay-Designer Alan Kertz äußerte dazu, dass dies nicht so einfach sei, da es nicht an den Controls liegen würde. Die Ingenieure würden aber nach dem Problem schauen.

Wann genau das zweite Update für Battlefield 3 erscheinen soll, hat DICE bisher jedoch noch nicht verkündet.

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is the first dog compulsory immunization, all domestic dogs based on vaccination, all tied to breeding. As of May 31st, at the urging of public security, sanitation, epidemic prevention departments under the dog-owning to domestic dog rabies vaccine more than 24 only, the immune density reached 66%.
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recently appeared on the Internet in Hanzhoung "to see the dog and kill" hearsay, Hanzhoung city agriculture bureau of animal husbandry department chief Shi Ruihua said, "the rumors indiscriminate dog" is not true, the next step will be to develop more standardized measures to strengthen the management of dogs. (JINGWAH
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Making the remarks at a press conference after talks with his Japanese counterpart Fumio Kishida, Kerry also showed the willingness to negotiate with the DPRK, adding that the United States is a "ready" negotiator.
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#3665 von s25vjgqy 15.04.2013 - 04:31
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Beijing time on October 2nd
WTA is currently ranked fifth in the race for the first time since Li Na 's first round exit, the number 4 seed round encounter opponents is match tickets through the qualifying Nikolaus Lescu, now ranked 58 in the Romania girl has eliminated Clay Bass and soil in the United States after her debut in the net is the women's singles tournament is, say Niculescu and the Chinese Golden also some origin, this girl had Romania and Yan Zi partner play doubles events. The game was the first battle between Li Na and Niculescu occupation career,乙肝治疗.
, the total prize money of $4500000 WTA crown Diamond Match in the 2011 China Open women's singles first round contest entry. At the national tennis courts and all seats are occupied. Diamond stadium, the number 4 seed China one elder sister Li Na in just 1 hours and 20 minutes, then she lost two games in a row by 4-6/0-6 not enemy qualifier, Romania girl Niculescu, become Jankovic and one out in the women's singles first round of seed,abercrombie france, is Li Na since 2008 after once in the net in the women's singles first round.
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Li made the remarks while chairing a seminar on macroeconomics, foreign trade, finance and real estate attended by scholars and entrepreneurs.

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Nixon's visit to China to change their destiny ,doudoune moncler
Nixon visited China 30 anniversary, Gu Yifan had her own show, interviewed Nixon's daughter Julie.
Nixon's visit to China, to break the ice between China and the United States, also make some Chinese scholars tracing back the long-cherished wish is possible, changed the Gu Yifan family fortune. Gu Yifan recalls, "Nixon's visit to China in second years, my grandparents by Premier Zhou Enlai invited back to the mainland visitors. Zhou Enlai in the 'Ten' closing ceremony in the evening, at the Great Hall of the people waiting for my grandfather home about one thirty in the morning, from ten at night." From the family treatment has changed, a normal life.
as the first Chinese folk capital strength, the company English TV media ocean television western mainstream society, as reported in China's chairman, Gu Yifan's family is really a "American family". Grief at separation and joy in union every member of the family, are inseparable from the influence of Sino-U. s.relations.
Gu Yifan personal cause of space are the basic and extended with the development of the Sino-US relationship. After graduation, he first worked in Motorola 10 years, experience to the Chinese market provides staff with opportunities. Then he saw China's increasingly powerful brought Sino-US cultural exchanges demand, decided to resign venture, working in the cultural industry. In 2009, he founded the blue ocean TV, the satellite signal has covered North America and Asia Pacific, and has been in the United States through the cable landing. Ten years ago
Gu Yifan's grandfather Gu Yu? Is China's famous educators, scientists, writers and artists,hollister, both Chinese and Western learning, life is full of romance. In 1949,louboutin, is president of the Central Political University Office Gu Yu,louboutin pas cher? Unwilling to go to Taiwan and to the United States of america. And before this, the father of Gu Yifan Gu Weiqing has been carrying Gu Yu? Less than 16 years old joined the Communist Party of china,hollister. In the sixty or seventy's, Gu Weiqing due to the complexity of the &quot,abercrombie france;overseas relationship" of injustice, family members also threatened and discrimination in all aspects of life.
space with the Sino-US relations and expand
Gu Yifan and her sister are carrying tens of dollars to the United States,burberry soldes, two sisters, PhD and his three master's degree of scholarship, is read. Many Americans to the poor Chinese at the same time, also knew the Chinese smart studious,abercrombie, hard-working from the student body. The cause of
, just open the door to the exchange. Gu Yifan's sister 1982 years as setbacks at their own expense to study in the United States,air jordan, he went abroad in 1985, navigable only American Northwest Airlines, "they rented a room at the Jin Jiang Hotel in Shanghai,hollister, with a screen from inside and outside the office, I remember my ticket is $600."
Gu Yifan think, they represent 80's students in the United States,burberry, is the poorest and most bitter and most ambitious. "Most of us are all with cut off all means of retreat hard to learn, do not learn a shape, no who country see elders,hollister france. You will see the art in the country to learn computer programming, the dancer to learn accounting...... Remember the poor can only live in the basement, a bottle of Coca Cola are not willing to drink."
to the United States, Gu Yifan feel the differences between China and America is very large, mutual understanding is very lack. "American impressions of Chinese are basically martial arts warriors in the restaurant waiter, keep long braids, and dock carrying a heavy sack of barebacked workers etc.."
overcome difficulties to study in the United States on century 80's
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4 people had been detained.


and he said, the body weight in the heel, the first metatarsophalangeal joint, the outer circle (that is, the little toe side), while wearing high heels, foot pressure increases 5 times, the foot weight change, resulting in lateral protruding thumb “ big pimple ”, and cause leg muscle fatigue, hip center of gravity forward, a deformity of the spine.

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Latest Battlefield 3 – PC Patch kom...
verfasst am 20.11.2011 um 11:04

Latest Back to Karkand: Gameplay-Vi...
verfasst am 08.11.2011 um 10:12

Latest Modern Warfare 3: Fast vier ...
verfasst am 02.11.2011 um 09:36

Latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfar...
verfasst am 01.11.2011 um 10:17

Latest Battlefield 3 – Zweiter Patc...
verfasst am 01.11.2011 um 10:13

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